Mexico City Congress Introduction

The Mexican Iron and Steel Industry Chamber (CANACERO) will hold its 5th Mexican Steel Industry Congress on September 5th, 6th and 7th, 2016.

Since its creation in 1949, this is the 5th Congress of such magnitude organized by CANACERO, which will be attended by the Mexican and international leaders of the iron and steel Industry. In addition to government representatives, legislators and academics, who will address issues of the Global Economy, China and the Steel Industry, Mexico’s Commitments on Environmental, Competitiveness and Sustainable Development Matters, Energy Reform, Challenges and Vision of the Mexican Iron and Steel Industry.

We expect an the attendance of 350 participants, including regional, industrial, and construction delegates, public work developers, users and members of the value chain in the steel sector, as well as legislators, public officers, academics, as well as the national and international press.


The Mexican Iron and Steel Industry Chamber (CANACERO) is an autonomous institution that was founded on September 1949, in order to ensure that iron and steel companies are prepared to respond to the needs of domestic and international markets, in addition to the needs of the Mexican society to advance in the development of ethical and responsible business practices, and thereby contributing to the industrial and socioeconomic growth of Mexico.


CANACERO currently includes steel producers, processors and distributors established in Mexico; therefore, we seek to strengthen the ties in the production chain and discuss the issues affecting the sector through this Congress, in order to generate an agenda of competitiveness in which all voices will be taken into account.

The Congress is aimed to:

  • Production chain in the iron and steel industry Members at a national and international level.
  • Steel producers, processors and distributors.
  • Public works builders and developers.
  • Steel users in all its varieties.
  • Legislators, public officers and academics.
  • Media.
  • General public.


The main purpose of the Congress is to continue serving as a prestigious speaker for the Mexican iron and steel industry, and to define a competitiveness agenda in which all members of the chain are taken into account.